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Subaru Impreza STI


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Recently bought a sti with some work to take it up the the standard it should be at


Has 331bhp 


HKS filter

TD05 turbo


Alcatek ECU

Straight through exhaust


Thats all I know that has been done to the engine


Here is some photos, many more to come along the way  :D






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Wasn't an area I was really looking into but after a wee look around the engine bay area I think I will have to swap it for a better fitting IC


Any ideas which kit for a good fit at a good price? Loads on eBay but guessing most of them are pants

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Looks like the pipework might be either from a early classic or newage cos the silicone join pipes are in a different position to most classic one's ive seen .

japspeed fmic's have a fairly good rep think there about £200 new

Autobahn work well about £150 second hand (if you can find one)

I was lucky enough to pick up my hdi fmic for £200 second hand (but only trial fitted not used) as they're about £450 new

is the core branded and in good condition ?

If so it might be worth scouring the forum's to see if someone will split their kit and sell you just the pipework/joiners

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Just had a look and the Japspeed one is £300 posted, that's a price I will be happy to pay


Think the problem has been that the car is actually a 97 registered car and I believe is slightly different from 96 and below engines. They have probably just bought a classic IC without looking properly


Core is good but doesn't seem to have any branding on it

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Well the car has been sitting at home for a wee while without me as my work has had me in Singapore Since November. Had people starting her up and taking it for a spin.


While I have been away bought a pioneer double din Stereo, upgraded the front speakers and bought a Blitz Nur Spec R cat back system. All waiting to go on when I return at the end of the month


Now looking for some nice alloys to replace the current ones which i'm going to keep for my winter set

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The blitz exhaust wasn't a success, turns out that the system on the car at the moment doesn't break at the same location as standard. So have sold the exhaust, got what I paid so all good.


Bought some alloys which should come shortly.


Gone with BK 333's



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Looks good, few mods i've spotted with it so far ( in case you didnt know), V3 car,



Face lift front end

rear spoiler (v5 rep or possibly P1 spoiler cos of the carbon lip)

P1 front lip

P1 seats (can tell from the blue on the bottom)

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