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So, I have had my scooby for about a month. Completely standard apart from tinted lights.





So far I have had the cambelt kit n water pump done and given her a service.


Fitted a Ninja 2 backbox



but found it still too quiet, so went stainless from downpipe back



After that was done my forge dump valve had been delivered so fitted that also



have now also fitted a STI rep spoiler




next plan will be, tinted windows on the rears.

lowered and new wheels, along with a decat for the downpipe and a remap

but holding off till after xmas to continue or at least I will attempt to hold off!



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been quiet for a few months now and earned some more pennies to spend :)


Upgraded the Stereo for the app radio 3 and the front speakers and tweeters to some alpine ones with a x over, and also fitted my Vibe sub that I have had in every car for the last 9 years but still going strong :) , was pretty easy removing the trim and running the wires front to back was all done on a Saturday at work.


I have the last downpipe decat to fit on Thursday, I have also just ordered my walbro 255 to be fit on Thursday as well.


Friday I have a slow 2hr drive to get my car remapped by Andy Carr at TEGSport

will post the results once done


I still need to black out the windows :)

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ta, but after reading many posts about the walbro pump im attempting to cancel that order as its from eBay, even tho the seller has good rep I dont wanna risk buying a dodgy one.

need to look for an alternative or at least a guaranteed genuine seller

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that was just full decat ss system, fuel pump and cosworth air filter. it made 250 on the standard map test/benchmark run but was over boosting.

feels so much better to drive even 5th gear has plenty of go


next up will be cosmetic stuff, the windows front lip lowered etc.

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RCM pumps are developing abit of a bad rep now, thread on SN about it, mate had 2 fail within 12 months as well. Personaly i;d stick with walbro. ran a walbro 400 in my old hawk :)


looking good though chap :)

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been playing a bit more, 

ordered brake discs & Pads from godspeed and some HEL Braided hoses from scoobyworx. along with oil, gearbox oil, coolant and brake fluid. ended up with some race dot 4 fluid as they had no 5.1 in stock at scoobyworx.





got around to fitting the dics a few days ago






the callipers defo need a repaint, the old discs were still the originals and were a real pia to get off


then decided Id have a play with some vinyl inside, my firsts attempts I used a hair dryer and the result wasnt great. So I picked up a heatgun and tried again.


the pics the colour looks much lighter than it does in real life






still have the oils to change when I get chance although its only done 3k miles since last service. but I will let the garage mess around with fitting the hoses and brake fluid and coolant. and will probably get some lowering springs so he can do it all at the same time

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