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A Month and a Half Later and I've Collected Her!

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Hello! Well, I put my deposit down on 6th of December and I finally picked my Subaru up on Monday! It was a 3 hour drive back to mine and she ran pretty much perfectly, except for the last 30 minutes, where if I put my foot down, it kept accelerating and then choking and accelerating again...
I quickly went into Halfords and spoke to a guy that owns a Prodrive Impreza and he suggested to run Redex through it which I have, so now it runs perfect again.


Sorry about the quality of the picture and I didn't have a chamois, so it doesn't look as good. But Saturday I'll be giving it a proper clean. I had already bought a few things for the car, before I picked it up... I'm sure you'll spot them.





I changed the main lights to Xenon and checked what I looked like before changing the side ones too... but I kinda like the yellow VS blue... opinions? post-2040-0-57382800-1422556865_thumb.jp



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Thankyou :)
I'd want crystal headlights to go with it too then? Do they look that different? I haven't changed anything to do with the front lights, except the main bulbs. The lights have a perspex cover on them at the moment.
I'm going to put the blue bulbs in the sidelights tomorrow and see how that looks. (too cold to do it now)


I've spoken to a few garages to get it fully serviced, since it's been stood for 3 years. Been quoted £150 ballmark from Motorsport Development (closest Subaru Specialist), with anything extra on top. And emailed Cotton Comp before, so waiting to hear back (they have the Cosworth panel filter in stock, so that will be going on in place of the standard one). A local garage said £250 - £300, depending on how much the plugs are...

Then after the service, I'll be looking at cat-back exhaust, possible ECU/sister board/map. That'll probably be all, performance wise (he says). Oh... and getting it lowered (STi suspension upgrade?)
I'd then be wanting the high rise spoiler, colour code the side and rear skirts. Plus and still trying to decide between the front splitter. And STi rear lights....

Fitted the audio head unit before.


LOVE hearing the turbo spooling  :wub:

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Congratulations on finally getting her she looks stunning un messed with.

Thankyou :) Yeah, I don't want to go too overboard with it. Just get it looking "fresh / sharp/ clean / adjective / adjective".

I'm keeping all the standard parts too, so I can change back if / when I come to sell her for a faster version  :ph34r:


I want to get it fully serviced, so then I know exactly where I stand with it. The fact it's been stood for 3 years, is playing on my mind a bit.... old oil etc. Or do you think just an Oil Service would suffice?


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Thanks Ghost. I can't get enough of it! (though my bank balance is suffering).
Just quickly looked through the service history properly. Cambelt was done at 47,629 miles. I've just taken the car past 76,000.

Some of the history... tdph429.jpg?1

We definitely thought the petrol needed a good clean out, there was just under quarter left, so we filled it and then added the Redex.

Motorsport Development said they'd check the oil and only change it if it needs changing... So best to just change it all regardless.


Sounds like a plan Gaulson! Going to be watching the Legend Fires North West Rally 6th - 7th February :)


I was driving it back and an Impreza '05 - '08 pulled up next to me in the fast lane, slowed down level, looked at me, nodded with a smile and put his foot down... the car went like **** off a shovel. (I felt all happy being recognized as part of the Subaru "Club"  ^_^ ) on that note, I also just paid Membership for here.

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Ah yes me too, love watching that. I went to Friday night on the prom and sat all day at Fleetwood front.

I get plenty of waves off fellow drivers which is nice, will look out for you when I'm over Blackpool way. Lots of history there, quite impressive really. None was kept for mine just my turbo rebuild and obviously the service book.

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Well, that was short lived... Noticed some slight grinding when braking before, took it to the garage and rear pads are to the metal. And because it's been sat, a bolt snapped when they took the calliper off, so now I need a new pad carrier too. So, rear pads and carriers on both sides now... urgh. Could not afford something to go wrong so quickly :(

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I know. Not a lot anyone can do. Checked the service history, it's had new front discs and pads, but couldn't find anything about the rears. He spent £6,500 on services altogether! So I highly doubt he ever took a cheap option, was just time for the brakes to go I guess.

Just annoyed that after I bought the car, I changed work companies which means my pay is a bit screwed this month, leaving me short :(


This is how he was with the services:


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Well, I've had a load of difficulty today, but it's finally back on the road with all round new pads :)
National Tyres in Blackpool have been awesome today. The mechanic spent two hours driving me around trying to find the right parts. But now she's alive again.
Just in time for a Cruise tonight just up the road :) all Policed and official.

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