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New to club and Scooby's


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Just to say hi to all and hope you don't mind a few questions in the coming days and weeks  :)


Just got my hands on a P1, number 22, with a few subtle mods and I'm already blown away by the fun it is to drive.

Picked it up on Thursday Jan 29th and so far very happy with it.


Modifications over the standard specifications are as follows:
SimTek ECU Upgrade yielding 335BHP 
AP Racing Big-Brake Upgrade with 330mm discs 
STI Type UK Version 8 'new-age' intercooler
RCM Cold air induction kit
HKS SSQV3 Blow-off Valve
Full stainless steel exhaust including downpipe (turbo-back) 
Exedy Race Clutch plus upgraded lightened flywheel 
550CC fuel injectors
Defi Gauges 
So far I have a few niggles to sort out (after all they are almost 15 years old).
1. OSR brake hose is a little tight from the shocker bracket to the caliper.
2. Headlamp washers don't seem to work. is ther a correct sequence or just push the button on the dash?
3. Boot floor wet but not rusty.
4. Rear washer pipe disconnected (don't think it's leaking into boot)
5. Exhaust turbo down pipe bracket not connected to gearbox at mounting bracket, though i have seen an advert saying that the new age down pipe fits but is not attached to the gearbox.
6. Fog lamp/Driving lamp cover screws seized in solid, any tips to get them out or is it a case of very carefully drilling the heads off the screws?
7. Front sidelights need drying out.
8. Small rub on OSF of front splitter, touch up paint needed.
I'm sure I'll find a few more bits and bobs as time goes by but I don't mind a bit of tinkering here and there ;)
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Nice clean looking p1 you've found there with some choice mods and nice figures[emoji41]

I think the newage exhaust has two different mounting brackets one on the dowmpipe to gearbox and one on less on the backbox section .

you can get to the back of the fogs by disconnecting the indicator/fog wiring and removing the bumper but the nuts that the fog cover bolts go into are "captive" so unsure if bumper removal would help .

My headlight washers worked when lights were on and windscreen washer button (on the stalk) was depressed .

I disconnected mine anyways as my car is never that dirty and they kept stripping the wax off the bonnet.

Maybe look at some braided brake lines if you need to replace the standard ones

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