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How much can you push your car?


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Hi Guys, I always wondered how much can we push the scoobies? Honestly I take so much care on mine that I have never did a drag for example, or drive it "like I stole it" xD because I was always afraid that I could break something... but on the other hand... its suppose to be driven like mad since are WRX or STI's


The discusion here is... How much can we push our cars? (As stock....) :P

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I haven't pushed my WRX past 4500 revs since I bought it - no need too! It gets there quick enough. I found it interesting that if you put your seat position in the right place then you can tend to be on the accelerator harder a lot of the time and this uses more fuel of course. Also, you may think putting 98 ron petrol in will boost it more but the ECU tends to back off so using 95 ron in mine is best. With the WRX STI then 98 ron will be ok and give better performance because its tuned for it. If it gets from 0-60 in 5.5 secs then how much more push do you really need is the question. Tweeking the ECU will only give minimally more.

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Dino what car do you have? My blob says 98 in the manual and on filler cap. I only stick in VPower, it runs a lot smoother and you get better mileage...so I'd suggest not being tight and stick what it likes in it [emoji3]

I bought the car for its performance. I didn't buy it to drive around like an old granny. It's all about the big cheesy grin as that turbo kicks in....all done safely and within the law [emoji6]

It's serviced more than it needs to be and no expense spared.

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Mine is a wrx,standard other than k&n panel,rear cobra zaust running a very consistent tad over 1bar (according to gauge).


At first i used 97ron super,then decided on Shell nitro at 99 ron. Now i know its not going to make any huge differences as the standard map is mapped for a broad petrol,it does say super unleaded behind cap.


I dont appear to be getting any more miles to the tank,but do have passionate driving stints :lol:


Am i wasting my time going 3 mile(6 round trip) to brim my tank? I know sti require a minimum of 98ron "apparently" anyway.......


Is it true it would possibly back off as Dino suggested as i have not heard this before and a newb to the scoob.



As on the topic,i would not be too happy going over 280 in my wrx due to the td04 limiting it anyway. I like to run under the max i can get if makes sense,so 260/270 would be more than enough. I am concerned on reliability,the PPP of 240-260 dependent on car(as all vary anyway) i would class as a safe amount. That may be where i go as i am not chasing bhp anyway,more just a better drive. 500hp for me is as good as useless anyway............lag lag  :o and ban :lol:


Just a usable ,responsive drive........Cat replacement on either down pipe or after then centre section, map and should be done! 


Does anyone know the safe boost limit of a standard wrx,with mine a midges over 1 bar! Have read 0.8 and 0.9 bar is standard.......which is it? Is the fuel ok for up to 1.1................without mapping?


I know the sti internals are stronger and support higher gains without further mods........but i dont have one :(  :lol:


Cheers ven :)

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12 psi is standard boost I think mine boosts to 13 gauges can be out sometimes though I've found on previous cars

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wonder if the filter and zaust then maybe why a tad over,if 1bar=14.5psi,i would say about 15.1 or .2 psi.


But steady,no issue at all,in fact it does run very well,only comparison i have is from my MOT tester whos mate has an sti wagon and said mine drives tighter and boosts better..............his words not mine. I know the sti is more powerful though :-/ maybe its fubar  :lol:


Yes,true,gauges are never spot on,does calibrate every start up,does appear pretty consistent in readings through various testing,but could be consistently out  :lol:

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I'd wind the boost up on mine to 14 but like my licence to much doesn't like being driven slow lmao

You running standard apart from exhaust and filter

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Yes all standard,previous 1 owner and all service by subaru,rang garage to confirm everything etc. I thought maybe PPP but had the standard zaust on so ruled out(of course could have swapped but would have been pointless for sake of £80 or so.


Certainly seeing 14.5psi so 1 bar,it can be a needle width before or over at times. Pretty consistent in higher gears where i am on boost for longer periods(motorway). Just panel and zaust so far,both cats still in place,never misses a beat.

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