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My Subaru Impreza 2000 UK Story


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Well, the other month I finally got my Subaru. A 1998 Subaru Impreza turbo 2000 UK, which had been locked up in a barn for 3 years! It's got an extensive service history and was serviced every 6 months without fail... almost to the same day! It started with 75,000 and the only modification was Speedline alloys that it had put on when he bought it brand new.

This is how she looked when I first got her:


The orange had to go quickly, but I had already gone out and bought clear front and side indicators (premature I know!)


I started hearing grinding from the back, so took it to National Tyres and I've now got new brake pads all round. Also new oil and oil filter.

Next it was off to CotComp near Preston for a Cosworth Panel Filter and to sort out and check a tapping, which turned out to be a Piston Slap :( But they've also sorted out my Boost Cut issue and replaced my solenoid which had part-fried itself.

Side note... they gave me THIS as a courtesy car! Great people and very helpful.


Slightly off topic, but we also went to WATCH a Rally


Next, was my hatred for green lights in the dials... so mine now look like:


After being to CotComp, they told me that my headlight motor had died too, which was perfect timing as I was on the look out for Crystal Headlights anyway. So I managed to find some, with sidelights, for £80 delivered... with motors.





After: (WHYYYY, do we have to have front number plates! :( )




What will come next?? Who knows! :ph34r:

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Ghost, changing the dials was actually a lot easier once we weren't scared of snapping clips. We stripped the whole centre console for nothing, because I eventually got too stressed out and just pulled the dial surround and voila! It just popped off like it was supposed to... 
I prefer the blue dials, but they do seem to be a bit dimmer to be honest. I'll probably find some brighter bulbs at a later date, but I'm fine with them for the time being.

Savage, I agree. I'm stuck between 3 splitters at the moment. So whilst I rotate those options in my head, I'm going along the lines of an exhaust and keeping the car "fresh". Colour coding probably.

Either way, I'm glad I went for a standard Subaru that I can now make my own. As opposed to buying something fully modified like my last few cars.

Thanks for the comments too :)

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Yeah you'll know when I've got the exhaust :p

I did hate the fog lights too, but now they've kinda grown on me. Thinking of changing them to driving lights instead...

The JUN lip was one of the ones I was looking at or the P1 splitter...

Sounds like a plan Gaulson, the mechanic up the road from me that changed my oil filter has gone and bought himself a classic thanks to mine :p

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Well, I finally settled on a Scorpion exhaust. We spent an hour changing back boxes and testing them out. Hayward & Scott sounded a little bit louder, but with the tip rolled in, it made it look slightly too small. The Scorpion suits it better I think.

It makes such a difference, seems to have a smoother delivery of power (could just be me imagining it). But the sound is where my smile comes from. It's a proper Subaru now! *rumble rumble rumble*






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So slowly added a few things :)





Just some vinyl light covers until I can afford the STI lights. £7.99 :)


My other bulbs were misbehaving, so put some LED's in, which are a lot brighter. (Notice how I've got a bright supot just where my turbo kicks in :P )


Forge VTA Valve. PSSSSSH!


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So she's finally coming together (look wise)

New splitter, flushed boot and high rise spoiler. Colour coded mirrors, side skirts and rear spats :)

I also had a rust problem on my rear arch, so found an import arch and had it cut and then the new piece welded in.


https://www.facebook.com/swautosprayltd did the work for me, initially had colour match issues so I had to wait a few extra days. So they had the car in for 5 days in total.

Due to not wanting the paint to look any different they sprayed into the rear door, rear panel on both sides to flush it through.










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Hello! Haven't really added anything to this in a while.
But I've now added STI rear lights and Black Crystal headlights next week.
Due to a seized brake calliper and an alarming amount of smoke... I've now upgraded to WRX Pro callipers with grooved and dimpled discs. I can stop!!



Also after passing my MOT with no advisories, it was time for more noise...
I've had a decat fitted by Scoobyspares in Fleetwood and ooooh, Andy Carr happened to be there too. So it's now remapped with 2 maps, Launch Control, Shift Light and mild Antilag. What a difference!

Little drive by at Beacon Fell https://youtu.be/zURe4UtZeyg

Ooooh, little flames https://youtu.be/3e-iyzSc5JM

When I pick the headlights up, I'll also be having a Stage 1 Exedy Clutch fitted. Is it worth doing the Flywheel at the same time??


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