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Fastest colours?


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Stealthy Silver is obviously the fastest as it has less wind resistance due to the light colour


Blue and Black are heavy colours so saps all tha precious BHP :D


Why do you think Mercedes paint their F1 car Silver ;)

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I really am curious now!

Surely if theres a genuine difference in paint weight, the car that gets polished the most would win? Or, as Savage said, the rustiest!

I've definitely thought far too much into this. It's probably due to my hangover/the weather meaning I can't do anything to my car :(

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Early classics are probably the lightest not just the ra (rust altered) versions [emoji5] due to having a lot off ally bits (bonnet , wish bones ect) and no abs or air bags .

My v1 sti was 1220 kg with 280 bhp and a close ratio jdm box out of the factory I'd imagine it would have been a contender for one of the quickest standard scoobs ......

Plus it's silver lol

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I am sure its statistically proven that silver is the safest colour!





























Because you cant drive quick enough to have an accident :P

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Nah,ruled out,cheetahs for example are the quickest land animal due to BLACK spots :P


Also black cars get you hotter quicker in summer :lol:
The cheetahs main colour is silver under neath the top coat
Just think how fast they would be if they DIDNT have black spots :D


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