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cambelt and water pump

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If I remember rightly yours had a mixture of later black plastic and early cast cam pulleys so had possibly been apart before ghost .

I might be wrong about the dates on the tensioner change though as it's only what I've been told .

I've only worked on a v1's (cast cam pulleys) and v3's (plastic cam pulleys) which both had the early hydraulic tensioners

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ICP kits with dayco belt are superb, all bearings & tensioner are same as original.

Dayco is part of company that does subaru OEM belts. Water pumps from ICP are also top quality Jap.(Aisin normally)

Second option is ADL Blueprint kits/pump.

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Grahame goode is a reputable company but it doesn't mention whether the idlers and tensioner are oe subaru .

Have you had a look at icp belt kits ?

As they're about the cheapest prices for new subaru stuff .

As for my personal preferance i went for the gates kevlar belt and the rcm modified oil pump which is the same size with a uprated pressure relase valve .

What did the rac man have to say ,Has the head gasket gone then bud ?

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Here's a link to their site and the kits they do


You're better off phoning them and speaking to luke (if possible) he's very helpful and sometimes give a discount for buying a few bits at once

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^ which kit depends if want water pump, one with - one without

As for oil pumps I think you best just swapping the the prv plunger for a custom fully smooth plunger over rcm/ggr pump housings.

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The rcm oil pump I'm running is just a standard subaru one with uprated prv fitted by rcm . as I didn't want to increase oil pressure with a larger pump ,just have piece of mind that it's less likely to fail .

I probably could have fitted a uprated prv myself but the rcm one was brand new and only cost £100 .

As someone was selling their build parts due to a change in direction with their build

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with the ggr oil pump heres some info on it

will it be any good


Genuine Subaru Impreza oil pump which has been modified by our GGR fully trained motorsport techinicians.Subaru Impreza engine failures are often caused by poor lubrication, and it is our opinion that the oil pump design is a possible cause. I.E. The pressure releif valve sticking.
It is also regarded as a must have modification enhancement with any Impreza rebuild or just peace of mind.
This oil pump incorporates a number of subtle modifications, solving these problems.We use a Brand New Genuine Subaru oil pump and our in-house GGR Motorsport Technicians fit an improved pressure relief valve

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