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Water pump

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Tip to save some money for folks.


Unlike other cars, subaru water pumps are pretty bullet proof. It isn;t a service item and if its not broke just leave it be. Seems to be few people talkign about replacing it when they do a cambelt. Its not required to be replaced and not a service item


The one in my old classic was at least 10 years old and would be even older if the new owner didnt roll it and kill it.


CUrrent car looks to hve origional wter pump still and its 17 years and 105,000 miles old.


Save yer money peeps. leave it be :)

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I think it's more of while it's off May as well do it. Mine had no history of pump being done in 15 years and 160000 miles so for the sake of £30 I slapped one on. The one that was taken off was in really good condition so I agree they are bulletproof.

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Just to drag up an old post (it's quiet at work today)...

If the engine's been sat for a while, it's definitely worth doing- just from personal experience. It can cause big headaches and very empty wallets if not!

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depends how long its been stood and in what condition.


I know a guy who left his stood for 3 years without proper coolant in it just water, 3 winters later and headgaskets gone as soon as they put boost through it cos when engines froze the ice has expanded and lifted the head. not to mention the heater matrix leaking like a sive. Still blamed it on the garage it went to for some work lol

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I've heard quite a few people say that oe scooby pumps are solid and normally it's the (later version) spring loaded tensioner or worn rollers that fail if not replaced .

I will admit when I stripped my cdb the rollers ,tensioner, belt and water pump looked almost new .

I did consider just getting a new belt but the simple engine refresh snowballed into something a bit more (forged pistons and rods) so I decided to protect my investment buy using a kevlar belt and new rollers, tensioner and water pump .

On a standard scoob pushing standard power or even remapped it might be fine but if you intend on pushing it I personally would fit a new full cambelt kit just for peace of mind .

Especially as im generally not that lucky lol

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