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New Subaru Owner/Member :)


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Hey All!


my name is Helena, im from Suffolk/Cambridgeshire Area. 


I have been wanting to own a Jap car for some time now and i have finally brought myself a Subaru (Loving it!) and i thought its about time to introduce myself on the forum :) 


Im a newby to the Subaru world and only really have a little knowledge about them but i do know my bit about cars and im not afraid to get my hands dirty! so any help or info from you guys/girls would be much appreciated. 


As ive taken my first step into the jap world, i am looking to do a few mods etc in future on my Impreza but right now im quite enjoying her as she is! 


I also like to attend Meets, Shows, Tunnel Runs as much as i can and have been mostly with my friend in his Integra Type R but now i have my Subaru i will be taking her instead :)


i have added some pics (Gave the engine bay a good clean today!)


Hope to speak to some of you soon and see you at some Japshows or events.

















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Id like to add/change some mods to increase the power at somepoint and make it a little louder but nothing major, like a bigger turbo. Well, not for now anyway! Will change the wheels and do some little bits to the exterior. New bucket seats also!


My insurance has stung me abit and the brakes need some attention so my plans are on hold for now :( 

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Can be quote a shock when you first call the insurance. Especially if you're young. I have a build thread showing a few mods that increase power. Likewise there are a lot of knowledgeable bods here and they sure helped me learn a lot. I quite like those wheels. [emoji6]

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Welcome Helena,

Got to love a classic!! I've got the classic STI model..... Been really happy with it too, just changed the airfliter to a K&N panel filter for a little increase on performance and help on fuel (ha ha) we've got a good meet in at Goodwood race course only trouble it's a tease in wanting me to go round it now!!! Ha ha

Speak and catch up soon

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Wotcha and welcome - there are a couple of project threads if you want some ideas - Savage has put some considerable spanner time into his build and its not too shabby, brutal dyno run ;)



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Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

Been pretty snowed under with work so apologies for the late reply.

Ill look into all the useful info and ideas that are on here when ive got some time! And money Haha ;)

Hope your all well and speak to you soon :)

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Hi n welcome, nice clean standard looking classic you've managed to find there [emoji106]

I've got a few classic bits up for grabs in the for sale section, calipers, braided brake lines and Whiteline droplinks .plus I've got a few other bits kicking around but most of my bits are v1 to v4 and your's is a v5/v6

You're not to far from me, as I'm near the south Suffolk coast I'll keep a eye out and give you a wave if I spot you out n about

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