2.35ltr STI 5 Build.

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The pesky interior.... lots to do here. The S6 I have isn't a plug and play. I didn't want too use the stock loom as it has issue so a full new engine loom is required and I shall do that bit soon. The aim here again along with the seat swap is too loose weight and make it all simple....

A vast strip back of the stock loom saved a huge 13kgs.... these is leaving the lights, wiper systems, front electric windows, steering rack controls and indicators. pretty much everything else has gone.... including the bulky air con unit and heater unit.... The heater is being replaced with a smaller much lighter unit....

so that's those gone:




all this seemed very unnecessary:






And this is what is left: with the heater unit /air con unit/wiring an over all saving of just under 21 kgs.... that'll do for now....




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Not a problem.... to be honest if this wasn't the kind of thing I did for a living it would be a very different car... 

A curious black box turned up this morning....


What's inside???



The  comes the question... near or far.... have to say I think it's close for me.... means the dash moves with the height adjustment on the steering colum.....




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