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RAYS Volk Racing G2 Alloys and Tyres

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A Genuine Set of 4 Rays VR G2 alloys and Tyres

18 inch .... 18 x 8.5

Pcd 114 and Et 35

In Black

Mint condition .... No marks or kerbing ... Complete with Rays Centre Caps , Rays Valves and Rays Wheel Nuts .

Tyres are Toyo Proxes 245 x 40 x 18 with 5/6 mil tread left .

Very expensive light weight Japanese Racing wheels

Asking £1450 ovno

I have the receipt as proof of purchase and that they are the real deal ....

Contact me direct via email me or PM me

First to see will buy .



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So no one interested in getting a bargain ......

Can't believe that no ones interested ?

Trying to offer a bargain to fellow Scooby members !

Cost over £3k for this package ...... Asking for less than half that ....

£1400.00 Ovno !

I have the receipt ... Not knock offs .... Or copy's ..... These are the real deal ....

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Thanks for the positive words .... Price wise .... They are an absolute bargain .... and I am open to serious offers ?

I am aware they will fit other Japanese Cars , I.e Evo's , Honda's etc

But would prefer them to go to a fellow Scooby .... But who knows ?

so come on people ?

This is a once in a life time offer ..... RAYS if you know wheels then I need not say anymore ........and don't forget everything is included ... Ready to fit straight onto your car .

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No worries .... You are right .... They are an absolute bargain ! And very rare in deed .... I waited over 3 months for these wheels direct from Japan . They don't keep stock piles of these wheels ... They are all made to order ... Hence the price !

So come on fellow Scooby boys and girls grab them while you can ...

Everything from RAYS costs extra ! I am offering the whole package .... Guarantee you won't find better !

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Yeah another set of wheels ..... Doubt you will ever see another set for sale ...........

light Weight Japanese Racing wheels , Forged and very strong..

Ready for its next owner ....... Receipt included as proof of authenticity ....RAYS Volk Racing G2

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we know how good they are and what they are, but ppl still look at £1400 and go eek.. on wheels.


Unless you want RAYS and are willing to pay RAY prices... the run of the mill scoob owner that has 114pdc alloys will look at something half that price still and think that's too much to pay. ;)



good luck with the sale.

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I understand what people say about the price .... But like I've been saying I paid double the price they are advertised at ... Plus they are the complete package, ready to fit to any car with a Pcd 114 .

The price I have stated is open to serious offers ?

Where else will you get a chance to own a complete Set of RAYS Wheels at half the price ...complete with tyres ....

You will regret it once they have gone .................

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