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Hatch Down on Power - HELP!!!!

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As I was driving my WRX this morning I started to notice that the car felt as if it was massively down on power and didn't really have that "pulling" power. It felt like a big old heavy car with a small engine. 


It crossed my mind that it may have been the turbo but the BoV was making the "swooshing" noise so i know it has boost. The pressure and heat coming from the exhaust seems fairly normal and the temperature gauge doesnt seem to be high so surely its not the head! I am baffled by what it could be.


I am wondering if its me thinking the car is quicker than it is or if something is a miss here but its only done 72k and has just been serviced and came back all ok!


What else should I look for???

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No I dont have a boost gauge as im not a great lover of 100's of gauges in a car  :D  ;)


Its got an MOT on Saturday so i may get my father in law to check for air leaks. The thing is it felt fine Monday, i didnt really drive it yesterday as I worked from home and today it just feels like a different car!

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Agree with the hundred gauges. Too many bright lights. I have a 4-1 60mm gauge. Analogue needle boost, oled oil pressure/temp and voltage.

Mine dropped a bit of power recently. Checked the gauge next blast and noticed I was down to 0.9bar instead of 1.3bar. Suspect boost solenoid so I need to clean it and test but it hasn't done it since.

With the hatch, is there not a Bluetooth dongle and app that shows live data on a phone/tablet? I have a classic so a bit dated in technology.

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Compression test it for good measure! boost leak somewhere is probably most likely though. 


As for a gauge why not go a little jap with it? in the glove box!


i have a hatch to and if it was me id make a little box for the guage and screw it in where the space for CD's is or have it mounted inside the speedo cluster they are deffo a worth while investment!



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Ok so things are really not great!


As I started the car from cold and accelerated gently out of the office the car was making a whistling/squeeking noise which went away after it had got to temperature. I haven never noticed it before, next things i then noticed is the exhaust is a lot quieter and to top it off it just isn't accelerating as well as it did especially in the higher rev ranges. 


Something is really up with it and i fear it is the turbo :( 

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So not good news at all....


I have taken it to TGM who have just done a test drive and they agreed that the car isnt right especially at the higher rev range. They said it feels as if the turbo is being straggled which could be a number of issues:


1) turbo on its last legs

2) The new exhaust fitted has failed

3) CAT has failed

4) Another leak elsewhere


It really is typical that i get the car to a point and this happens. Im hoping its the exhaust as it means it wont cost me anything as its still under warranty!

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