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Which Injectors do i need????


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So I'm going to scooby clinic for a alcatek ECU fitted and mapped and while I'm there I'm upgrading my injectors they are standard at the moment and I've bee told to get yellow 440's. Scooby clinic are charging me 400 quid plus vat to supply and fit new injectors so am i better off buying some second hand ones or paying for new?


So when i come to buying second hand yellows is there just the one kind? just want to be certain i turn up with the right injectors to be fitted before the mapping 


Ive got a WRX classic 94 

3.5 inch exhaust

front mounted intercooler 

new spark plugs

AEM induction kit 

Standard turbo

RCM fuel pump


Am i right to be expecting 300 BHP?


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Phase 1/1.5 440's are a direct fit but they're getting on a bit and can't be resized (opened and reflowed to make them a bigger cc)

Phase 2 440's will fit with "phase adapters" in place (which cost about £ 50) .

Cheapest option would probably be good second hand ones off a trusted seller £40 injectors + £50 phase adapters including new O rings

Or get the above, then send the second hand phase 2 injectors off to someone like "lateral performance" to get them cleaned /refurbed for about £150 or reflowed and cleaned (made into a bigger cc) for about £250 ish

If you want the tdo5 to run more than 1.2 bar you'll need a later map sensor to be "mapped in" when fitting the ecu and possibly a newage coil pack conversion.

As standard early classic map sensors only read up to 1.2 bar and the coil packs somtimes don't like the extra boost [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it

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