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Any one do Remapping???


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HI guys


I have a subaru impreza turbo 2000 1999 it is currently stock just has 450cc injectors.

I was considering modifying the engine so purchased the following items.

VF 28 turbo

STI top mount intercooler

already has 450 CC injectors

i believe all it needs is a remap If anyone knows any cheap and cheerful places im all ears.



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1999 will have 440 injectors as standard. not worth swapping to 450's, if you wanna change em then need to go to 550's


o also recomend changing the spark plugs for 7's and also the fuel pump

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Cheap and basic options

- Eculabs 


Cheap and no options and more expensive than above 


Stand alone and easy to map 

- Apexi 

More functions and pretty good system 

- Alkatec 

mega money and really really good system

- syvecs


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I am looking to gain what I can from the mods I have listed if anyone has any clues what bhp can be achieved. As for launch control and anti lag etc I don't think I can have that on the standard ecu so looking for something cheap and cheerful. looking for someone who can do a remap and if possible swap the turbo and the topmount  aswell?

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before hitting the dyno - factor in cost of a good service, oil, filters, plugs (with gap set) etc also check when the last time the fuel pump was changed - if it is the original consider a replacement, what state the coil packs are in. Point of note you can have a great engine ruined by a bad map so I would approach 'cheap and cheerful' with caution 

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As Matt says - dynos are a reading of what the car is doing at that time in relation to the ambient temperature etc - so many factors affect the readings and the same car can differ day to day - but what you will achieve irrespective of the final power figure is a car matched to the physical changes you have made.

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