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need help buying my first impreza


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Hi guys im looking to buy my first impreza later this year and was looking for some help with running costs,tax,parts and anything money wise. looking at a 05 impreza wrx sti and advice would be appreciated,thanks

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Hello & welcome.

Briefly all based on independent garage pricing

Pre my56 tax is 285

My56/06 500quid a year.

Major service circa 400

Minor services around a ton

Cambelt 400ish Inc idlers etc

They only like to run on v power or similar,one thing to bear in mind.

Parts if you buy on the Web and indy places not too bad,if you go directly to subaru expect to have your pants removed, and double all of the above costs !!

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cheers for the help,had a 106 gti and got a fiesta st at the moment but always wanted a scooby and now i can afford one, just wanted to get some ideas on prices before i got one since its a big upgrade from what ive got

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yeah was worried about running costs more than anything but now ive got a better idea of what its like having a scooby,got my heart set on a 05 sti so will try and find people that have got one and see what they say,thanks for the help guys

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