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Number 83, UK300 WRX


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Hi huys I have just today got ym claire, it is the UK300 that claire has advertised on here.


Lovely motor and she has done it proud.

Not knowing loads about it, at the good price it was I decided to take a gamble on it thinking if it wasnt as described I would break it to get my money back, or just sell on at the same price.

It wasnt as described, it was better!!


This is what I think the spec is:

Milltek exhaust system with decat
STI intercooler
STI injectors
Uprated fuel pump
Competition clutch
VF34 turbo
dump valve
Silicone induction hose


I might have missed a few things, but will update as I remember and find out. I reken its putting out around 270-320bhp, it feels around 300.


Plans for now:


New break calipers on the front, discs and pads all round,
3 gauge setup in the center console
Full service with all oils
Cambelt change
Good clean and polish
I might swap the seats, front and rear for STI as the sun has baked the top of the rear seats causing them to split on the stiches.


Some bits I am confident enough to do, things like the cambelt etc I am not.


It is in for MOT Monday so I will update after that.


Long term aim, fully forged engine, uprated box, 500bhp, track and 1/4 monster :) talking 3 years down the line though.






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Well underneath is looking very decent, apart from the C / U brace that it failed the MOT on, me and a mate set to work removing it. I may fit an aftermarket part in there or just leave it off, unsure yet. I am aware of the insurance complications with this etc and that's why I am undecided what to do. I have driven it with it removed and it doesnt feel any different really, but it will be around 12-15kg lighter!


Pics of before with it fitted, during removal and after. 







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Grrr! I remember why I went away frommodified cars now!! 


Just ordered Brembo front breaks 

new rear disks and pads for the standard caliper

prosport 3 gauge pack with defi mount


It is also booked in with richard henry motor sport for a full service of all filters including cambelt change.

the day after andrew car will be coming to do a fast road map on it

Then I will be booking it in at scooby clinic for a RR session and printout :P

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Well the breaks are fitted! I have had a small problem with the alloys not fitting, I am thinking of changing the alloys but actually think these look amazing with the car!


On the way home from work I just came onto boost in 3rd and what a racket, a hole the size of a 1 pence piece as per this thread That is being fixed Monday and I have ordered a second hand unit. I havnt wrapped it as it has all the heat shields on it. 


Because of this I have had to put richard henry motorsport on hold for a few days / week.


Guages turned up though!! 


All in all I was absolutely !Removed! it this week when I thought the engine had gone, not sure I will get to a stage where I can drive this car without worry!!





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!Removed!, i totaly missed this thread or i would have mentioned about the brakes :(

Spacers or different wheels are your only options. The brembos are pretty crap as far as clearance goes. even AP 6 pots are better :o

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absolute bargain that mate and well chuffed to see it still here and getting the treatment it needed :clapping:I think get more money stock it's one thing I regret doing to mine now. But hey ho life goes on and it's the way I want it plus I doubt I will ever sell it. :laugh:

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It was the wheels I kept of mine unfortunately mine aren't great and going to send them for a refurb very shortly just spent £46 on center caps but I had to get the Black P1 centers oz won't make anymore in gold so hard to get now. And my originals have bust clips and I only have 3 :dry:

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Yeah get the alloy ones off dangerous them. Seen some horror stories of people using them. And I currently have some similar colour bolts on mine but are opened ended but replacing them with red to match the calipers and center caps. 

Some recent ones I have my older pictures are on old phones and some on the PC 



and this was the other day 



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