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Vf35 turbo on wrx?

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Hello I want extra power out of my subaru impreza wrx 03 that's currently running 288bhp fully decatted

Has anyone else fitted a vf35 turbo to a wrx? If so what are they like ? And what sort of power did you make

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1 hour ago, donnylad said:

I have seen a few vf35 with suppoorting mods on WRX's and they are 350 ish on dyno dynamics. Mines at 1.45 bard and pulls hard as feck! not RR'd mine though.

on an optimistic dyno maybe. a true 350 out of a 35 is very very rare if at all

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40 minutes ago, matt said:

my mates classic sti hit 355 on meth but the turbo was blowing out its balls.... about 1.5 bar , no dump valve, and didnt last long!

meths cheating :p

need to decide if im gonna meth mine or not . leaning towards not so i don't have to **** around with it.

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Right guys I could do with some help , changed my turbo to the vf35 and put the sti injectors in. I went to drive to get my car remapped and within a mile my car started overheating and I losing coolant. I managed to get my car home after I put some water in it and let it cool down, I've done a compression test all seems fine could it be a airlock ?

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