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Could someone settle this argument please regarding cold stars


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car in question is 53 plate blob sti. Stock. Genuine filters.  Liquimoly 10-60 oil. 

My and a work colleague (evo owner) are at logger heads as in who is correct.  Please can you some settle this for us. 


Due to the frosty mornings recently, what I'm doing is starting car and leave it to idle for about 10mins before driving off for work. By that time, windscreen has defrosted, heaters blowing hot air and water temp has reached set point. When I do drive off I'm keeping it under boost for 2-3 miles.

What he does is starts and drives off keeping it under boost for 2-3 miles.

I know when the engine starts up it does wear the engine but sitting at idle is the slowest speed the engine can go so it's less harmful in my opinion then just driving off.  


What dinyou you guys think?

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I let it tick over untill it's demisted enough so I can see then drive without positive boost untill I reach at least 75° oil temp .

But my pistons don't like the cold and the engine sounds like I've got Peter pans crockadile under the bonnet untill it's warm [emoji23]

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I would like to let mine tick over till at temp but at 5am in mornin my naighbours probly would not see that as a good thing [emoji3] so i start it up and keep off boost n no more the 3000rpm till warmed up.coming home from work i let it warm up as no naighbours to upset [emoji6]

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Thanks for the reply guys. 

If we take out our sexy flat four soundtrack out if the equation. 


Engine wear wise what would be better for a cold engine, i.e. Early morning start up?

1. Start it. Let it idle for 10 mins then drive slowly under boost until oil temp and pressure has built up.

2. Start it. Slowly drive under boost until oil temp and pressure has built up. 

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Just wanted to add that it depends on the OIL and the outside temperature. If it's around 0 C then I would wait for at least 5 min before driving the car, and keep under 3K rpm when driving the first 2-3 miles after that. With your oil it's a good idea to wait for 10 min, as 10W is pretty thick oil, I would rather use 5W or 0W for colder weather and you will have a better engine starts too. 5W-30 is the best oil in my opinion for the daily driver, especially with a lot of short trips and many cold starts.

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