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Shame the bug looked a nice clean base car but hey its gc8's ftw imo too lol .

I saw a v5 /v6 sti wagon with a knocking bottom end for £2k on 1 of the many face book pages.

£2k seemed steep but it looked like quite clean car, same colour as your last wagon too [emoji6]

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£500 is a bargain mate! 


think im going for the uk spec one at the moment , just seems a bit better for me, got more miles on that i would want but got alot of history ! even though my last one did 4k in 3 years!

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10 minutes ago, matt said:

no receipts and a poor advert..... avoid

It has this at the bottom of the blurb?

"I have all the photos documenting the entire rebuild including every stage of the engine build along with all the receipts for everything purchased for this car in folders along with x2 keys and fobs. Loads of paperwork!! "

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22 minutes ago, love God said:

 Only just have joined but me and my son would love to go to a meeting  oh  often do you have them 

We have a club stand at big meets usually.  First big one this year will be end of April Japfest Silverstone.  We will have things up in the car show sections of the forum you can book in to.

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