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hi guys and gals,looking forward to using the forum and seeing and hearing about all your subaru's.

i had an 05 plate PPP blobeye,my first scooby and i absolutely loved it,gorgeous car and fabulous to drive :biggrin:

2015-09-23 14.05.59.jpg

however the ownership came to an abrupt halt last september when i managed to write the car off,5 months on and im still absolutely gutted,miss the car so much!

2016-09-13 17.33.40.jpg

anyway,i had decided thats where my love affair with an impreza would end and i would buy something else like a 3 series coupe or an amg merc......

but it just wouldnt be the same,yeh they might look good but they will never sound or drive like an impreza so i'm now on the hunt for another impreza




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Nice blue banana [emoji26]

Hopefully it only hurt your pride and everyone involved is ok .

As said above what are you after and what's your budget ?

As we enjoy spending other people's money ,as i certainly get no grief of my mrs for spending your cash.[emoji23]

Best of luck with the hunt for a replacement [emoji106]

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yeh i was ok after the accident,belive it or not (nobody does lol) i came off a roundabout and with the rain and the really bad camber of the road i spun the car at 25mph,front end hit first then the back followed suit.

nothing but pride was hurt thankfully just astonished that the repair estimate was 11k from such a low speed bump.

anyway,im now after a WRX STI Type UK widetrack with DCCD but it has to be in the Aspen white colour (not being picky lol)

ive heard that there was only ever 9 of these built in that colour,i missed out on 2 in the last week as i didnt have the money sitting ready to buy and i'm now preparing myself for what could be a very long wait till another comes up for sale


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