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New Subaru XV 2018


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On 20/02/2017 at 3:29 PM, marcothio said:

Shape and looka are awesome but I doubt the market version will have the same size of tyres and headroom in the back might be tight with such a sloping rear. I hope they Mirrors look kinda smallish too.



Well I can pretty much guarantee the Mirror's won't be that small because I think there's a minimum for rear visibility. 

I like the look of it, I'm going to hang on to mine now until this new facelift is out. But we should know soon what it will look like.

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looks good but as with the WRX / Impreza concept they build them oversized so mirrors aside we will probably end up with a diluted version that wont have the same presence, wheels and tyres being one of the things that seem to suffer first, will be interested to see what does actually end up with the dealers

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Some eu directive or daft law, that the mirror area has to be a percentage of size in relation to the overall size of the car, for daft looking mirrors look at the rolls Royce phantom.

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Well this is what they have teased in advance if the Geneva motorshow. It's not the same shape as the concept in fact it's much more standard XV shaped, has some new flow lines along the side too I noticed. We'll know on the 7th March, the car they're showing at Geneva is the production model not a concept so it'll be what we're getting on the forecourt.



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On 10/03/2017 at 3:32 PM, marcothio said:

Anybody got info on a diesel model? I can only find petrol-engine info. X-Mode makes it way to the XV, yay!

It makes reference to a new direct injection diesel which is a complete new engine, 7kg lighter than the old one and 156ps rather than the current 148. More fuel efficient, better acceleration so looking promising.

x-mode arrives yes, but at what cost? There's a lot of extras popping into the new model and these can only push up the price range. We'll have to wait and see.

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