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Front mounted intercooler


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Firstly i like the look more than anything so is that alone enough to justify fitting one as my car is only 325 bhp so dont technically need one

However the look i want needs one.now theres plenty of purpose build kits off the shelf and i fitted one to my punto gt about 7 years ago (i no i no before u say anything)

Anyway is there anything stopping me fitting it myself or us it a no no as i cant see point in spunking 1.5k gttimg one professionally fitted when 300 quid n il fit it misen.



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I fitted one, mostly for the looks too. Took probably about 2 hours, not a big job but my bumper was already cut so that saved some time. Got map tweaked by Andy Carr and what he said it is better to tweak for front mount but not absolutely necessary




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i fitted one to my bug wagon i had,a morning work its a easy job to do @RpsChesterfield taking my time it took a morning,you will loose your airbox as pipes run through a hole in wing were your airbox is so add a cone filter to your cost and a dump valve as most fmic dump valve are ones that attach to a pipe not onto a base plate like original,also have one on my hatch as well now,i will say dont buy a named over priced job unless you just want the name as the eBay ones are just as good and will do just as good a job.the black one on my wagon is a eBay one and the other is custom made for the hatch

stealth black front mount bugeye 1.jpg

bay now.jpg

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First off, lag is a myth or a trait of a crap set up, right setup it wont make any difference, or at least none that you can tell by feel (disclaimer, yes there is a slight addition if you calculate it on paper, but your talking fractions of a second). Most people who perpetuate that refer back to a calculation that Andy F did donkeys years ago that was majorly flawed, assumed zero pressure in it and that gear changes happened at 3500rpm.

My car pre front mount,



My car post front mount,


on top mount 3500rpm = 250bhp, 380ftlb, on front mount 3500rpm = 280bhp, 420ftlb, same turbo, both on syvecs with same supporting mods bar the addition of a front mount (not a small one either hahaha).


eBay coolers are hit and miss, get the right one (internal of the core is the important thing) and its fine, get the wrong one and it will be crap, airflow will be disrupted and it wont ever perform.

Other than the sound running without DV makes no difference to performance, it will however reduce the life of your turbo, some are more affected by it than others. I run a GFB DV and get chatter anyway.

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Anyone know anywhere i can buy a full kit tomoz located around the midlands ive emailed afew eBay vendors so il see what comes back.

Ive got it in my head now i wana fit one.

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