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Matts Build 6......


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My 6th Impreza build.... Final one classic one i promise 


Picked this up cheap, seemed a good idea at the time! advertised with a new stage one clutch, full mot, and a pretty good history! more miles than i like but other than a bit tappy on start up when cold she seems to run great!! 




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Seller didnt even wash it! but hey its not a problem the local romanian wash will do a splendid job for 10 english pounds, Advertised as a bone stock UK2000 V5! bloke hadnt had it long just wasnt big enough for his needs and was more into skylines!

So quick look round, exchange of cash for V5 and i was on my way, I did spot the prodrive back box but thats it! its deadly silent runs very smooth and its weird being so comfortable in a GC8 unlike my last few....! 

Got it home, and noticed a prodrive Y pipe and then decided to check the ECU area ... yep a SP ecu stashed in there!

So bargain i thought! 



Remove PPP bits.... Need more power  ! so swap out ECU and change for one to be mapped 

VF24/VF28 turbo


minor body mods 

Maybe black 16s on super grippy tyres


New front seats (these have minor wear on the bolster)

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The build plan changed last night!! As i went through the history and found all the prodrive certs im going for a OEM+ build! 


doesnt mean it wont see the track tho!! lol just got a spare set of wheels to chuck some AO84 tyres on 

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First proper trip out today , Silverstone ! 


Didnt go on track tho ad had my lad with me , tho Mrs was at her mums after and I dropped him off while I went the 17 mile trip via back roads ! 


Ermmm was clean 

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Found the first owner ! 


Ive decided to stick kinda oem with this one , tho the exhaust is just too boring I got a sti intercooler and a 2.5" system off a mate for 100 quid that's going on 


just looking for suspension 


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