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Fuel lean @4500 rpm on boost

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Afternoon all,

I've been having an issue with my car whilst getting it remapped. Brought the car two weeks ago tdo5 fitted, turbo back exhaust, 270lph fuel pump and piper cross panel fliter. When getting it remapped the car was loading with fuel and at the time the boost starts the fuel leans off. 12v at fuel pump, tried 2 fprs, fuel filter wasn't blocked. It's a year 2000 car so has yellow injectors. Any help would be great, thanks.

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Cheers guys gonna have a look at all the above mentioned. Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate it. 🖒

The fuel pumps brand new from lateral performance, also tried a maf less ecu still had an issue. 

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Sorry been so quiet was waiting on parts fuelab fpr changed turbo intake hose, y pipe (looked like a hairline crack) but whilst looking today I noticed a crack in my knock sensor.... could this be a culprit?


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Air/ fuel correction in row 2 is at 25% on a quick glance and without knowing anything else it looks bad, looks as tho it's trying to add 25% more fuel to the map

not sure as don't know the software or driving conditions

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