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Photo bucket's fubar'd

savage bulldogs

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Just found out photobuckets stopped hosting some accounts and heard they want $399 to continue hosting them ....


Dunno how much truth is in the ridiculous cost of re hosting but i do know all my old pics have disappeared .


Hope this gets sorted ,As although I have copies of the most of my "scooby " pics , I've posted a shed load on my threads and on reference posts that come up when searching in the tech sections on numerous forums.

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This is 100% true and happening :( absolutely awful! 

im a long standing member on the starlet forum ( UKSO )  and this has been covered massively and tapatalk has been deemed the best bet at the moment as it allows direct upload from devices :) 

As for thread pics using photobucket unfortunately its gone unless you wanna pay £400 your have to start again pics wise :( 


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It's gonna take ages to find and replace all the pics in my build thread alone [emoji57]


At least i Doubt I'll be bothering to "update" the pics on any of the other forums .


Seeing as I'm normally lurking in the tech section on here anyways [emoji39]


$400 for me to stop advertising photo bucket all over my build thread (with 19 k views) seems like a fooking joke to me .

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No it not hacked, they just gone dirty, I never used them, was advised years ago best didn't rely on service hostings.

Best way is buying your own domain and hosting on it yourself, very cheap (less £20 a year) other way is using free pic hosting such as postimage.org . other option is googledrive although can't do images embedded that way but best for files and docs.

Any decent forum wants be promoting images to site hosting so got control as lot of threads thus forum content turns to trash when images and file links turn dead .

Is a massive loss to huge amount of data built up on forums, hopefully people will smarten up and stop relying on these wanky terminal hostings and take more controllable option for content they upload .

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Well "fookyoubucket" certainly ain't getting $400 outta me . Might try to charge em for advertising their crappy company all over my build thread instead .


Guess I'll have to spend a couple of hrs 1 night sifting through my pics and upload them directly to here through tapatalk instead .

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