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New winter wheels and tyres.


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Well got a spare set of.alloys and a set of Dunlop winter 4d tyres. 

Have to admit I really like the look of them on the car. Hard to tell how good the tyres are yet as we've not had any snow yet. The main reason for changing was to save the original alloys from the salt.

What do you guys think?





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Minus the STi badges they look quite good :msn-wink: Not sure how the salt treats the diamond cut alloys, ours seem to have held up quite well I put a set of winter wheels on, but actually think i prefer them over the originals! 

I take it the 235 width is causing no issues?

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Yes but not on a sccobie - just put them on my lads colt - big transformation, very pleased so far, was going for Nokians but then read a new test report which pitched the Michelins placed in top 2 but the thing that swayed it for me was no degredation in grip as the tyre wore, performed the same down to 1.5 mm.

Only thing I was surprised at was they do not have a rim protector shoulder but they perform very well - will be putting them on the Subaru when I have sourced some winter wheels

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We've had some good snow here the last few days, unfortunately my XV is on Kumo Crugen HP91  and they are typical as far as generic tyres go in the snow. The car gets going in a straight line no bother and handles inclines better than most, but slowing down an turning is obviously no better than a fwd or rwd car. 

My partner's XV however is on Pirelli Sottozero 3 winter tyres and wow! What a difference, it feels unstoppable (in the good way) turning and breaking are confident affairs compared to the summer tyres on mine. I can highly recommend them, I think they maybe will suffer a bit more on fuel consumption than the cross climate, and may become a bit soft in the height of summer, but if it's a winter tyres for snow and ice they are excellent. 

Saying that I would like to try a set of crossclimates , maybe I'll get them for my car... Although I think they come in around £20(?) More a tyre at my last check.


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Well all I can say is wow. We've had some serious snow and the XV was great. Don't know if it's the car or the tyres or a combination of both. I live a.mile up a farm track and was able to drive out with drifts over a foot deep. We then got snowed in with 4 foot drifts. The farmer was able to clear most of the track with a tractor but there was one bit he.coukdnt get to. So we just drove across the field and the XV coped perfectly. I just turned off the traction control and it just.goes no problem at all. I'm really impressed. It's got really good ground clearance as well.





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