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Any recommendations for rear parking sensors


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Wife has just purchased a 2014 XV and although it has the camera she is wanting parking sensors. Her old car had them blardy de bla and anyhow the camera is not great when its raining

Any specific recommendations/advice or is it a case of any will do?

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Get her into the habit of giving the camera a wipe with her finger when she shuts the boot/walks round to her door. I agree that in the rain it is just a big blurry mess. Other than that I'd just say get a set from Halfords/euro car parts, I don't think it's a part many here have considered what with having the reversing camera.

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Steelmate make some of the best parking sensor systems out there, not cheap but high quality with individual replacement parts available which you won't find with the cheapies, we had front and rear sensors fitted to our new Hilux at the time, very accurate, small unobtrusive LED display on the dash showing which sensor was being triggered, i could maneuver to within a couple of inches front and rear, thought provoking ''watching'' a child walking across the front of the truck as the leds lit up in turn marking his progress.

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