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anything else before a remap

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hi currently own a 2003 impreza wrx running 269bhp, it's got td04 hybrid, full decat, rcm fuel pump, k&n apollo induction kit with a remap. just brought a vf35 and sti injectors to go on and be mapped again. just want to know is there anything else i should get before i map it? aiming for 320ish if possible,thanks 

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Classics or the newage sti doesn't have tgv's but the newage wrx (bug onwards ) does .

They're "tumbler generator valves " supposedly they "tumble" the air fuel mix to create  a cleaner burn , to lower emissions. 

They might work , as the wrx is in a lower emissions category but they do restrict flow and tend to get stuck, causing a eml light and afr ratio fault .


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