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Forza Race event


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Right i'll be hosting and will be online from around half 7 the lobby setup will be private that way we can race in peace,

Nick i'll send you a friend request today.

Anyone not happy with nanual 'box ?

Being 1st night i'm happy to race with people who wish to use auto. Supposed to be fun after all.

So as stands stands it will be

A class any mods you want. Scooby only all assists forced off except driving line and gearbox choice if you want.

If anyone has any other requests let us know.


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I think it will be great little event once it's all set up and running I think even with the few we have now be a laugh just shame my mic not here. I've set the point system up too so at least no matter where we finish tonight we will get some points :D 

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I'm in the HB. Just whack on the mods with as much bop and grip as I can get then off we go. Never bothered with tunning set ups as I don't have a Scoobies how to set them up. The most I ever do is lower it a bit ans stiffen the suspension a bit.

Prob why I can't drive the damn game :lol:

It's a shame you can import your own graphics, I'd love to make mine look like my sig pic.

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1st time I've tuned one to be fair. just point out I've sorted the Topgear lap times the last one you set was in a Lotus so I have changed your to the time that was set as it's a lot slower car than a 22b so is a slower time just so you know :D 

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To be fair if nick andbi haddn't been made of magnets in the 1st laps and you haddn't have taken that chicane and granny speed it would have been a bit of a more competitive race.

More power needed me thinks was outgunned to easily i'll save the 22b for shorter twisty tracks.

Spent a little after the race making the diff less agressive and taking some camber off.

My rears wern't even working properly ;-)

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You have to slow a bit for the chicane I might have done it a bit too much in the 1st lap getting the breaking points. but I was expecting someone to try smash past me at a stupid speed :D

And I must admit after being behind Nick for about 4 laps to see him spin off and face the wrong way did give me a little smile and s*x wee :D 

Anyway you didn't do bad 2nd twice can't complain with that at all :D

I thought my car setup was alright but did see Nick leave me on some corners but made up some ground on others, but not enough so room to improve I guess. 

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