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White Hawkeye STi


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Hello all, this is my replacement for the silver blobeye I sold.  

Mods include front splitter, vinyl'd roof and scoop, spoiler supports, prodrive alloys and springs, double din headunit, stage 3 clutch, full decat system with prodrive exhaust at rear.  

The best bit.. a forged engine with uprated crank, pistons, conrods, flywheel, and so on.  

Still on the standard turbo at the moment so only running 315bhp but it pulls well being the 2.5 engine.







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Absolutely !Removed! lovely mate!! Glad you stuck with a Scoob?


Yeah mate, it was this motor, a R33 Gtr or a red R34 Gtt that I'd seen for sale.  Pretty glad I got this as at least I dont have the issues of a 18/19 year old motor like the R33.  

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All it needs really is a bigger turbo and can get some decent power from it ;)

But before that I want to change the tyres and anti roll bars.

Still yet to get my head around the elec diff settings... Really should read the manual about them lol.


I had a link with a realy good article explaing the DCCD and i-drive. Will post it when I find the link.

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