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Hello, and looking to buy my first Subaru :)


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Heylo people. I'm finally old enough to be able to afford Subaru insurance, without taking out a loan or winning the lottery!

I've got a few grand coming my way soon, thanks to some Romanian woman, writing off my previous car :(
I'll be looking to get an older, more aggressive looking version of the Subaru, so pre 2000.

Decided to join this site, as it seems like the best around for Subaru's and advice.. so yeah, hi.


We've had a Subaru before... I say "we", I mean my mum. Was her pride and joy, and she's wanting to get another one too :) Mine's the Focus.



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I was in the same boat in the summer, finally afford insurance on more than a 1.6 and a few extra bob saved up. I bought a W reg (last year of the classic I believe) turbo 2000, pretty standard with 4 pot brakes, FSH. Good power for just road use, will be upgrading more in the future because why not. And not too cheap to run. Got mine for quite a bit less than £2000. For that budget would look for one with FSH and a generally clean looking car with very little rust. I would also think about getting one with the 4-pot upgrade as the brakes are a known weak point. Its a really good market for buying a nice well looked after cheap classic at the moment.


Those are just my thoughts but think most would agree. You probably know all this though. Enjoy it when you get it and welcome.

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Hey, thanks guys :) And for the information!
Yeah, I've been looking through the buying guides on the site and other users posts. It's given me a decent amount of information to research.

I'd be looking for an unmolested version too, so should be more reliable?
Also, I read about warming up and cooling down the car, before and after use. My friend had a 300ZX, and he had a turbo Timer (?) So when he turned off the ignition, the car would run for a minute or two, before it shut down.
I assume you can get those for the Subaru too? And it's worth getting?

Ignore my ignorance :)

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Glad we have been of some help. turbo timer not needed on Subaru as it is air cooled and not oil cooled. Always make sure car is up to temp before using boost. Best way to cool is to stay off boost for last mile or so. Always ask to see what the person you are buying from has done as well.

And unmolested should be much more reliable in general.

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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

As for the timers I use one regardless, even just on a normal drive with maybe a little boost now and again I will leave it 30 seconds when I park up. Or if i'm just popping into the shop quick will set it to 10 minutes to leave the engine running. :)

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Ah ok, no worries. Learn more everyday eh :P
Knew you had to do the warming up, cooling down; as I did it automatically with my motorbike and all my cars anyways :)
But didn't know how much more for turbos.
Should be easy to warm up and cool down round where I live anyways, as it's 30mph all around me.

And thanks, I'll be asking a lot of questions, I'll memorise the buyers guide and check everything :)
I've been watching some eBay listings and there's some decent looking old Subaru's going for around a grand... is that about right? Or risky?


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Saying that I have a turbo timer, just need to install it. Can't harm the car and can warm it up while on street with doors locked. And looks pretty cool me thinks.

I when I was buying I found any turbo that low had problems. The ones advertised from £1700 seemed to be ok though. But the market may have decreased. And always a bargain going somewhere.

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I would be inclined to agree with Jay, if you want a clean car that is unmolested and in good condition you're looking at £2,000. However I got mine for £1,500, and then had to spend £150 to get it back to good condition (steering wheel and fuel filler pipe) and then a new axle back exhaust was another £120 but only because I didn't like the one that came with it. And then £100 for both rocker cover gaskets. so £1,750 all in for the car to be back to good condition. Bit less money spent but a lot more time. Although I got lucky in the fact that person selling needing the money because he had been made redundant and had a newborn, bad for him but good for me. I drove a couple of cars advertised at £1750ish and they were all ok, all needed little things doing, such as new brakes or axle back exhausts, or with incomplete histories.

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  • 8 months later...

Sorry for the late reply, money and my job fell through, so everything was put on the back burner...
BUT, I've sorted myself out now and back on the hunt!

What are opinions on this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUBARU-IMPREZA-TURBO-JDM-/221610551211?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123

And does JDM mean it's an Import? Or am I being dumb.


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Jdm= Japanese Domestic Market so yes mate it's imported

Does look like the bonnet and bumper is a different colour in the pics

And I'd be wary of scoobs with front mounts that haven't been re mapped as it changes the fuelling quite a bit .

But otherwise it looks quite clean

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Yeah, just checked and it doesn't really affect my insurance, so that's fine.
I noticed the different colours too, but just phoned a bodyshop and they said that it might just be the lighting, but they could match the bumper for a few hundred.

The garage selling the car said they would change the engine back to standard for me (as the insurance kills me with all the engine mods). So it would have a standard intercooler back in place.
But I may keep it as it is and change it back to standard myself..... And then add the parts back at a later date.


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If it's a genuine hks fmic you could sell it on for £200 ish .

I'd just be a bit wary of how long it's been running un mapped with mods and if any damage has been done already .

I'd check history for cambelt and service intervals and if it hasn't had a cambelt done use that as a bartering tool .

As Cambelts cost in the region of £400 to £600 to get done at a garage .

Make sure it's cold on start up so you can check for piston slap and have a squint at the buying guide on here .

Most of all it's a good time of year to buy (Christmas pending) so try not to rush in a buy a shiny lemon [emoji6]

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It's coming from a garage and I've asked if there's any problems. They said "No bad points because we sort out any problems.". I've checked their other adverts and in the description one of them said "WE ARE FITTING A REPLACEMENT CLUTCH AS THERE IS SOME CLUTCH SLIP UNDER MAXIMUM BOOST". So it looks like they wont sell anything that needs replacing soon.

I will ask all the questions you've just stated too. It's got a "Z4 ECU", so would they not have mapped it when that was fitted? (excuse the dumb questions again).


They're also willing let me put £500 down as a deposit and they'll hold it for me for two months to get the rest of the money...

I've checked through all their feedback (including other Impreza's) and they've all been very positive.


And Thankyou for the help!

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Says low mileage on the ad but showing 105k is that in kms or milles ? The seat at the steering wheel look well worn and maybe not keeping with what the odometer says. Or it's been sat with the window up for a while and the atmosphere has started to eat at it

If I remember the z4 ecu is from a later model so may not be correct. With classics you need a stand alone ecu apexi or mines etc. Or a daughter board grafted onto yours form a company called esl which is around 550-600 inclusive of mapping.

The rear bumper has been changed for a uk spec one at some stage as the number plate finisher is larger.

Only thing you can do is take someone who knows imprezas along with you to view it.

But I think for 2.5k you could find a nicer example.

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If I ask them to return the car to standard (replacing the intercooler, ECU etc), how much cheaper should pay for it?
Also, I'm in Blackpool... the car is in Essex. Could I get a Subaru Specialist from down there go and check the car out if I pay them? Or?
That or it's £150 delivered or £186 return for me and a mechanic to get a train...
I really want a white one but this is the only nice one I can find in my price range.

Also it's 105,000 miles.

I've told them that I'll be getting back to them on Saturday, so I'll ask all these questions then.

Thank you.


Found another picture of it too $_57.JPG

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Welcome ;)

If I were you I would wait for an another one as this seems too risky. Maybe I am a little bit paranoid but just imagine if you need to repair the engine ( it ran without mapping who knows how long )

Try to find a stock car. If you don't mind the mods be sure every mod on the car is documented and done by a subaru professional.

Ask them what oil they used when the oil and the filter were changed etc.

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