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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C 

Glad to see you here :) 

For anyone who doesn't know this is the best mapper in the UK so I bow in his greatness ;) 

Feel free to make an advertisement post up mate I will Pin it for you :) I don't mind tinkering with it to make it look better for you :) 

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Wotcha and welcome - your reputation precedes you, great to have you onboard

All built and been running - this is third year. First year was around 800hp, last year around 900+ and about to fire it on this years spec ready for ten of the best last july (july already blimey).

Two 700hp turbos but aiming for 1000-1200hp depending on whats required.

Last year


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Hello nice to see you on here, I will be using you when I eventually get the money together, hopefully by that time there will be a couple of us up here that need your services make a day of it [emoji3]

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Was a huge loss to the subaru family as said above nothing was an issue for him always had time to try talk and would go the extra mile to help. I couldnt call him a best friend or anything but it sure felt like I'd lost one. :(

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