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Whoop Halfords Discount cards have arrived


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Funny enough I was going to ask Simon if he wanted to be put on this list  http://uk.subaruownersclub.com/discounts/

But I will speak via PM about that :D

And just point out I'm not an Admin. "With great power comes great responsibility" So old Uncle Ben used to say. And I would just abuse it  :lol: And I don't think the owner trusts me enough ;)

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Tbo the last 3 times simon's been to tweek my map he hasn't been able to finish the job [emoji36] even though it's been due to no fault of his own ,he hasn't charged me a penny [emoji56]

But hey I bet we'd all I'd love a Shell nitro discount card [emoji4]

Nice work then gambit [emoji106]

I think they should double your salary for all your hard work.....

and yes I know 2 x 0 = 0 lol

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I'm supposed to get paid for this ? I will have to go back and read the small print  :lol:


And no I know Simon's spot on was more for Advertisement purposes I was going to offer it for :D But I will solely leave that up to him if he wants to or not :) 

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Well just finalising things so shouldn't be long now mate still trying to add more to the list might have seen a few people sign up on the forum Carben fibre, Subarubits, SubaruWorx.  just to name a few hoping they will be adding to the list already spoke with them and they have all agreed to do discounts anyway for members with more to come. Not sure whats going on with Kwikfit seem to be dragging !Removed! a bit not so quick so that might be a no. But either way hopefully be something to benefit everyone :D 

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How do I get the card? The offer on the site has a grey box with show card but nothing happens except it changes to view code.

I'm on the ipad if that makes a difference?

Posted out to you mate it's a real card you take into store :D 


How do u sign up

To be honest.... Not a facking clue  :lol:

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