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eBay snipers


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Please go and die ,,,,

I'm getting sick and tired of eBay snipers I have lost out on 5 or 6 lots because I get outbid in the last second by a first time bidder ,it's getting to the point were I will not use eBay anymore .rant over cheers ....lol

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eBay gives you all the information/ trends of final prices now. Just have a look and decide what price you are willing to go to. If you are somewhere round the average final price you are in with a shout.

Or just snipe. Like me. Lol.

(Been buying/selling stuff on eBay for over 10 years)

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I just decide the max I'm willing to pay and stick it in with a half minute to go...I've never paid my max price and not lost many...if I do lose its because I don't want to pay the price.

Not sure why you need an app unless you're buying loads of stuff or not going to be around when the bidding ends?

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