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  1. I bet it looks something like this... :D
  2. You will be fine for another 2-3k miles
  3. Something like this probably:
  4. I'm a wee bitty south of Inverness unfortunately!! But yeh as others have said, shell v-power or tesco 99 and you're golden!!
  5. I will get another Subaru further down the road at some point :D
  6. i got 650 miles.... out of my Mondeo
  7. Sounds like you've covered a lot of bases already! I would fire some redex into the tank... maybe for a few tanks, stuff is good for clearing gunk that builds up on injectors and fuel lines... I take it the air filter is clean?
  8. Does it feel like the turbos ever kick in? Have you checked for any boost leaks?
  9. There is no doubt I will get one again in the future... this time will start with an STI :D It is nice though driving a car that tells me I have 650 miles to go until empty!
  10. Washed and packed the Subaru up ready for my mate collecting it tomorrow once the wheels are back. Picked up the Mondeo... almost 80 quid to fill it! but almost 600 miles of range apparently. Will be sad to see her drive off!
  11. I just drag and drop my pics directly onto the forums... and they get saved so I can re-use them
  12. Welcome to the club!
  13. Quite a few folk on here have them and rate them highly, I think the 3 litre engine is bullet proof! Welcome to the club!
  14. Hey.... at least I didn't buy a Honda!
  15. My scooby is sold! Didn't take much convincing for my mate to buy it! As of Wednesday, I will be the proud owner of a rather high spec 2007 Mondeo. Very nice, smooth and comfortable... will still have boost as it's a turbo diesel! So I will take her to work tonight one last time, then she will sit on axle stands as the wheels get done again then off she goes to my friend!