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  1. That sounds like a ballache...
  2. Creature comforts? What are those?
  3. Very nice! Mods?
  4. Maybe worth taking the switches out and check the connections... I think it's just one or two screws holding it in place
  5. Everyone has their own preferences! Not many performance garages around me unfortunately...
  6. My garage have mapped their fair share of Scoobys that's for sure! Everytime I go in there are at least 2 or 3 scoobies getting serviced or worked on
  7. Yeh the guys I use charge £100 an hour... so if all goes well and not many issues then it's not overly expensive. Highly reputable local garage to me... guy only does dyno mapping. Garage have always been good to me as well... can't fault them. Edit: Altho, unfortunately they no longer have the dyno... mapper and dyno have moved on! Will be Andy F for me when I eventually go for more power :D
  8. Mine cost me £230... did get a 20% discount as I filled in a cancellation at the last min :D
  9. It does sound like it's coming from the back but was unsure as it's obviously difficult to pin point from inside the car... Must be a coincidence then!
  10. So I've had bearing whine for a while, had the garage check it out back in September but they couldn't narrow it down as there was no play in any of the wheels. Now it is significantly worse so once I'm back from my holiday I'm gonna get it fixed. It started not long after my n/s front caliper siezed on so I assumed it would be that bearing. Noticed today that the noise goes away when i'm turning right, but remains when turning left. I would think that a bearing would stop being noisy when the load is reduced? It's entirely possible that it is another bearing and it was completely coincidental...
  11. Go old school and big :D
  12. Have to admit, that is my favourite shape of scooby.. good choice!
  13. That's good then, probably the easiest thing to do would be to source a 2nd hand box and swap it out
  14. Pretty sure they can... I have my old WRX scoop sitting in my garage since I swapped mine over to an STI scoop. So it's bigger than the older bug scoops but not quite as obnoxious as the STi scoops :D
  15. Welcome to the club! Would love to see some pics when you get it :D