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    Think BH5 is the chassis code... Since it's a 2l I'm guessing it will be an EJ non turbo engine, not exactly a gutsy engine in NA form. Might be a good idea to check the condition of the air filter
  2. Hello from Ayrshire

    Welcome to the club!
  3. Holy MPG Batman!!

    Good work
  4. Head gasket fail Noooooo

    @savage bulldogs is the man to speak to about engine removal :D
  5. Guess the suburu part!!!

    Looks like a droplink but doesn't look like it's attached to the anti-roll bar....
  6. Exhaust advice

    It should be significantly louder, all depends on how much noise your backbox kills. With no resonator, it may drone along the motorway. Mine was very loud, but I did have a vortex afterburner back box which did little in noise reduction :D
  7. Exhaust advice

    You won't need a remap as long as you're not touching the downpipe. I did this mod and ran it for about a year with zero issues, as long as you get a cat pipe section which has a hole for the o2 sensor you should be fine.
  8. Pipercross filters, do they filter?

    K&N is oiled so has a chance of oiling up the MAF. I've used pipercross before and had no issues, remember the light side is the clean side, the rough black stuff on the bottom is the first part to get hit with the dirty air. Cosworth is also a very good choice
  9. Confession time

    I think the brand new one is hideous! The one before it looked much better... still wouldn't own one tho :D
  10. Impreza exhaust system help.

    I sold my scooby a little while ago... still have the standard downpipe in my garage!
  11. Impreza exhaust system help.

    It should fit but you may have to modify the hangers if you need to use them... unless the system is light enough. I know the third hanger on the backbox points the wrong way, not sure about the centre pipe hanger
  12. Impreza exhaust system help.

    As in a full turbo back system? or cat back? Turbo back would fit, but one or two hangers will be in the wrong position. Cat back won't fit... centre pipes are different lengths
  13. The YouTube thread... All things YouTube

    So many good turbo noises!