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new tyre


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according to the handbook 4 wheel drive cars really should have all 4 change  

next best thing is to change pair (Left and right)


but factor in how long your other tyres are going to last i.e. their condition also characteristics of old and new tyres and so on.


why do you need just the one may I ask? 

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My sisters car has four different makes of tyre, she's not a car nut and doesn't care. It's a crappy 1.6 P reg Golf L. It's like being in a boat with the body roll when it goes round corners :lol: so grip isn't an issue its too scary trying to boot it.

Back to the OP.

I'd do axels at minimum but would prefer to do all four at once.

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I'm the same. Always prefer to do four but if needs must I'll do an axle. How often do you all rotate and re-balance?

I swap front to back once during the lifetime of the set of tyres. I try to gauge this when the fronts are just past half worn so that I get max life out of all 4

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Is a bit of a pain on the 4wd's when one tyre needs doing.

Exactly what best or workable option comes down to what other axle tyre condition like. If it almost new then 1 new matching tyre could be used, if excessively worn so rolling diameter going differ too much then 2 new on same axle is best. If excessive rolling diameter between both axles is likely as all tyres well worn then a complete set is good idea.

On 4wd it very good idea keep matching brand & wear on complete car or axle at minimum.

Davids tip on rotate is good, don't have go silly on this but once or twice in tyre set life is normally all that needed in getting most from the tyres.

**** tyres & mismatched tyres makes the 4wd kind of useless & possibly troublesome ..

Upside is the Subarus if setup ok & no suspension issues are good on tyre wear so a set should wear quite well without much rotating hassle.

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I'd say it depends on where the tyre is you need to replace. If its a rear tyre, then to save some cash get two rear ones only - some Tyre places give discount on buying two. These Subaru 4x4s tend to be more reliant on the back end not slipping out so have the good tyres on the rear is my advice. But if you corner hard, then its worth getting two new good fronts ones as well. Either way have the best tyres on the rear. Hope that helps your pocket.

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