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Hi all


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Just thought is register and say hello ,am Alee and from merseyside area

Have had a few subarus before and many other decent cars (don't do boring or slow haha) but just recently have two bugeyes :) sadly breaking one tho :(

So many other female Subaru owners on here then lol ??

And hi everyone :)

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Hello & welcome feel free to get stuck in we're all friendly here,

We have a few female members although I've not seen them on for a while,

Sad news about one of the bugs but pics of the other one are mandatory [emoji1]

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At the end of the day there's no discrimination here, classics bugs blobs legacies, foresters,xv are all good and the more individual the better, always good to see somone put their own touch on a car. If others don't like it then tough.

Although matt does have an aversion to bugs I wouldn't let that bother you haha

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And was matt dropped as a child by any chance stant ??? Hahah

Joking aside but the bugeyes for me have an ugly appeal in my eyes

Love quirky cars and like my gtir for exactly same reason

Cos it was bit fugly but still an animal :)

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Hi welcome to S.O.C 

Always nice to see a fellow bug owner :D do have a blobeye in the garage but I do like a tidy Bugeye :) 

And we do have a fair few lady owners just not many post as much now. Diz, Booflegem also a bug owner along with Hailles and select just to name a few of the top of my head :) 

And as said above we're all pretty friendly here so feel free to join in. :) 

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