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Timmy's WRX Hatch


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Thought I would share some pictures of my recently purchased WRX. So far the only modifications is a Cosworth panel filter but in the very near future I am looking to add the following:



Catback exhaust (Invidia/H&W/Cobra?)

Cobra Decat

Subaru4You Remap

HKS SSQ (with purple insert)



Prodrive GT1 (Gold) alloy wheels

Performance Handling Pach Stage 3 (Whiteline ARB's/BC Coilovers)

K Sport 6pot front brake upgrade



Zunsport Grille (Black) top and bottom

Carbon splitter

Carbon fin spoiler

STI Style spoiler


Anyway enjoy!











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hi again. :)



instead of the Ksports 6pots.. have a look at these... hold their value well if you want to sell them in the future... so i'd say save and wait for these bad boys..




zorst.. have a word with Pete at ExhautsUk in Sheffield

get it made for your car..






rear over lays I'm ya man ;)

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Just a bit out of price price range now I have decided for the Invidia N1

What's your plan for getting the N1 fitted I dident think they made a kit for the hatch.

Just interested as looking at them myself.




I make Films and Website for people

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Hi Alex,


Tarmac Sportz can import direct from the states and they have some great systems on their site:




I will get Subaru4You to fit it for me when thye do the handling and brakes.


I will let you know about the N1 but i am expecting great things from it!

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Thanks looks really good and better than the systems I was looking at for not much more money. You planning on the resonated one or not?


I make Films and Website for people



Going for the resonated as the reviews on the non-resonated are not so good and makes driving unbearable!

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After a few months up umming and arrmming I have taken the plunge and I have ordered the Invidia N1 "Street" cat-back exhaust and HKS SSQ (with purple fin). I will put some pics on when I have recieved the items and have had them fitted!


Next is:


Stage 3 Handling Kit

D2 brake upgrade for front and rear

Prodrive GT1's

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Managed to get the GT1's with tuner wheel nuts and the N1 fitted on Friday! I must say the wheels have completely transformed the car and the exhaust...... Oh my sweet jebus is it epic. It is stupidly loud and really brings out the boxer roar. The only issue is the stupid delivery driver dropped the box and it has a slight dent in the tip but I will get it sorted by an exhaust specialist.

Hope you like! post-4128-0-57708500-1438017825_thumb.jppost-4128-0-65993400-1438017857_thumb.jp

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nice wheels mate,would love to hear the exhaust as well as am looking for 1 for my hatch,i dont want 1 that over powering loud as i have kids in back as well so has to be ok with them in as well as when i;m on my own,add a video to youtube and just put link to it on here  :P

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