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URGENT Is it worth it?


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Well today the check over didn't go as well as hoped there was numerous small things wrong simple repair but then there was 2 major issues that i am waiting on a quote to repair , the exhaust has a large hole around the gasket and the big problem is it needs a new diff :(


the turbo has been called lazy also and the there is an oil and gearbox leak 


at the end of all this it needs remapped 



All this aside the car is 21 years old (older than me ) and has done 95000 miles so what i really would like to know from any other classic owners or other experienced scooby owners is it worth keeping? how long could it last?

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Sounds like you've got a bit of a dilemma fella !

As with all modified cars you will never recoup the true value of what you spend on them , there all money pits at the end of the day.

You could pick up a half decent classic for under a grand nowadays and with the repairs and remap you could be looking at spending that .

And your car would still be worth as much as it was before ya got yer wallet out.


Is it worth keeping ?  depends how much you've already invested and how deep yer pockets are.

How long will it last ? they'll last forever if you keep replacing the broken bits !


It's all down to personal circumstances really, any car approaching 100k is going to need lots of tlc (and cash) so how much do you love your impreza ??   B)

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I'm on 164k miles and have had no major issues [emoji57] [emoji4] [emoji12] That's my brag over.

I totally agree they are money pits but I look at it in a way of some people smoke, drink or gamble. I just modify [emoji2] The value of my car can't be measured in pound notes it's the smile I get every time I drive her. With the issues you have I would be getting her back together.

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What's the cost of a smile when you start her up??? Lol

I'm on 83k miles nothing needed other than a new rad in Jan & tyres, look after them and they will look after you!!! Thrash it and abuse it then it won't last and money will be thrown at it time and time again!!!!

If you throw in the towel and start again, who knows what needs doing on another one in a few months time??????

Stick with it!!!!!

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cheers for the advice by the sounds of things the general idea is that if i love it then it doesn't matter about how much it cost , my garage advised me to sell it and buy another in better shape but this one is special because it shows up as a non turbo which means i can actually get insured on it so i think for me i need to keep this  


people keep telling me I'm crazy but i love this car 

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Its never worth the risk man ..... i didn't declare my wheels on a previous car, got crashed into and now I have voided insurance hanging over me for life ( slightly higher premiums and limited company's to insure ) didn't get prosecuted as it was minor but something like that could see the insurer press charges ... its fraud :/


If you cant insure a turbo yet hang on til you can


i cant insure one at the moment so I've settled for an impreza hatch na just to get in a scooby and I love it ! few years time il buy a turbo one and insure correctly


Just my 10 pence  



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