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Sparky's 2015 sti build


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Hi thought I start a build thread rather post all my parts I've done every were list of bits done so far

Custom back box's

Xxr wheel with yokohama ad0hr tyre's

Sti mud flaps

Perrin air fitter kit

Tablet dash install with Stereo in boot

Vortex generator

Front htm autos splitter (being replaced)

Subaru star badges and front grill replacement in progress

Will up load more pictures soon

Badges now colour coded








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Cheers guys got more stuff on way I keep updating also my badges are coming along nicely bit of a pain to do but getting there my private plate is on I will update some more pictures tomorrow and confusedbrog the carbon parts so far have been though Amber performance there in the UK got more stuff I be ordering but these bits are going to be coming from Japan though japparts

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Been busy but will update more pictures next week as I have bit of time off got seats in night and day better in the corners but getting them in was no end of hassle took 4 weekend to get them in went though 4 sets of runner what joke before I found a good set cost a lot more then I wanted but got there in the end my side carbon badges have finally turned up after 9 weeks of waiting but look great also I have just ordered some more parts by seibon carbon front wings,bonnet and front grill these are new parts first batch ready in 6 to 8 weeks I be the first person in the UK to have these parts can't wait to get these on and looking at get the tein suspension with controlled dampers soon to should be sick its come alone nicely

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Seat pictures bottom of second post not best try get better ones weekend webby the splitter was easy to fit canyards bit harder but still easy just took time as there a one shot deal drill holes in the wrong place on the bumper would not be good splitter go to amber performce James he a top bloke

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Tein suspension with edc (electric damping control )with the GPS that goes with it that's one of the next things on the list look it up they just bought the 2015 kit out there a few people over here that can get it also some ipf fog lights and new custom exhaust with carbon tips but first just waiting on the carbon wings ,bonnett and grill I get these on first I think

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