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Hello, What do you guys think of this Dyno?


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Hi All,


I thought I would join the forum as it seems like a place to meet Subaru owners. My first post is about the Dyno that I had done today. I have attached the Dyno Chart. The car is a 2006 WRX 2.5 5 Speed




Is 316bhp and 380Lbft low with the following Mods? -

Custom Map

Forged Engine

VF48 with Billet Wheel @ 1.35 Bar (Standard Actuator)

Uprated STI TMIC

GT Spec Headers

DW 320lph Fuel Pump

K&N Panel Filter

3 inch Downpipe with 2.5 inch to Prodrive Backbox

Standard BOV/Injectors


Other Mods- Just to introduce myself


Alcon Front Brakes, BC Coilovers, TD wheels


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I am in West Cumbria the age blip was a wiggling probe on

last run so you don't feel it yea I thought vf48 would flow 350bhp

at least I think it may need to be ran at 1.5 bar to get 350 with a forge actuator and 3 port for more control injectors have duty left

so plan now is to get that done and another map

it was mapped by TD Developments in Leamington he is really good

that was on 99 v power BTW

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summit wrong with the way it was run by the looks of it, bhp/ftlb crossing point is in the wrong place. should cross at 5200rpm ish






tidgy, his graph is misleading because the numbers on the left aren't the same for hp and torque like our graphs are
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I don't know much about newage tuning and even less about the 2.5 ltr wrx stock injectors.

What size are they ?

As I think on a newage 2ltr at standard pressure

480cc max about 320 hp 300 flbs

550's max about 370 hp 350 flbs

I know the 2.5 naturally has more torque but I think the bigger cc would probably use more fuel and therfore max out the injectors sooner ?

The blip in the afr does suggest a posible fuelling change but that could be due to dyno load (what fuels been allowed in a different gear) and could be just from when it comes on boost

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Yea, Looks very similar Confused, the mapper said there was loads of duty left, I suppose it is a cheapish solution when getting it mapped again to put a set of 750cc's in. (They are already 550cc in 2.5)


Do you guys reckon that the 2.5 inch after the 3inch downpipe could be having an effect on peak power? - if so new list!


Forge Actuator, 3 Port Boost Solenoid, 3 inch Cat back, 750cc injectors, another map


Conusedbrog, What boost are you running?

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Mines getting 1.49 on the digital gauge but the gauge only goes to 1.5. What fuel are you using? Scoobyclinic wanted me to get the car mapped on Shell but we decided to get it done on BP ultimate as it's a pain in the !Removed! getting Shell round our way, but even now the car I run it with BP with a bottle of octane boost or make the trip to penrith when I can be arsed

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tidgy, his graph is misleading because the numbers on the left aren't the same for hp and torque like our graphs are


yeah fair call that.


tbh i would sack the vf48 and chuck an aftermarket one on and swap out the injectors and then get it mapped, the graph on min is a sc46+ on low boost, forged 2.5, 3 inch decat, sti inlet manifold, sti top mount and perin inlet pipe. Injectors gave up the ghost at 330bhp though.


May find its time to go aftermarket ecu as well, will be struggling to cope with it. can tell from my boost afr graph the ecu was struggling with the fueling as the boost came in



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