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World's biggest Cat!

KG Tuning

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2 years ago my 2 Maine !Removed! cats that weighed 10lb and 13lb. After watching Maine !Removed! vids on youtube and seeing 25lb whoppers I decided to research breeders and came across a woman selling kittens with well know German bloodlines, she showed us kitten Ludo who was the biggest in his litter and told us his older brother is longer than the former Guinness World record holder!!! She then showed us Ludo's dad who was just insanely big and we decided to buy Ludo, my wife was sold by Ludo's cuteness!




He grew up pretty quick!



He's currently 30lbs and healthy. but it's his length of nearly 4 foot that might get him the "longest cat in the World" tag one day! 

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26 minutes ago, Gambit said:

Nice one mate. Was showing my sister n law and her feller the pictures they didn't believe me when I said it was massive your cat. :laugh:

Scary thing is he's still growing! 

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