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UK300 for sale or Help Fixing it :)


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I was wondering if someone could help me , I'm trying to sell my UK300 due to husband leaving and having to move house . The Scooby failed its  MOT last

November and to be honest I've done nothing to it  !! Its just sat on my drive and I need to sell it now .

I haven't got my MOT with me at the moment (I'm at work ) but will post later what needs to be done to it !

Could really do with some help :)

so any help or advice would be lovely


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Welcome. Not too far from me :)


Not a million miles from scoobyclinic up at chesterfield, sure they could help out. They deal with an indy recovery driver so can get it picked up if needs be as well.

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Hoppe you don't mind me posting this claire ? Ok so did some digging and this is the mot fail sheet


Biggest concern would be subframe replacement.

All the rest are consumables, emissions aren't really a problem

If you know where to go,

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It can't be removed without replacing it or repairing it if that's what you mean. The decat is what's causing your car to fail the emissions test that's what mine fails on without using a sympathetic tester who'll turn a blind eye to the emissions. Good luck with what ever route you go down sale or repair. Shame you feel the need to sell but understand with wanting a fresh start 👍👍

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8 hours ago, Claire1978 said:

This has been de cated

Yep that will be it :laughing:

I'd be surprised if you can't get a good used one for a few hundred quid to get it going. I had a look when i was looking at some newages recently, they'd gone bad too, not that uncommon. Fitting cost I'm not sure on how long it would take. 

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You looking at new discs and pads plus calipers checked as expect pistons partially seized hence disc worn more one side.

Rear suspension bushes

cat refitted (hopefully you kept that :-/ )

Subframe all depends on how bad it is, if removed they can be blasted, cut & welded with new steel  & coated with epoxy paint for better than new long term repair . hard say how much without looking ...

If not doing work yourself garage bill for all of it going mount up a bit, Put it on here for your wanting price & on eBay for little more (not as auction as too many idiots).

Will sell it easily if rest of car good as those failures easy & cheap for any DIY enthusiast ...


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No if it the U frame it reasonably easy remove (12 bolts on frame itself) , some can be a right rusted mess. You can get aftermarket frame-brace all in one or hunt down A1 used preferably from jdm import if current one like a wet weekabix .
Crossmember more awkward but it normally the U subframe rusts at front due to moisture trap issue .
new part or labour on old one going add up along with other bits . Doubt she see more money at end of day with MOT but sale possibly quicker if did !
Some people actually remove the U frames (invalidates insurance though) .

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