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If you had 50k to spend


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Just now, mattiekane said:

Spec'd up blobeye for weekend warrior blasts an track time, an some thing VIP as a daily, A4/A6 avant, Mercedes or something

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yeha im thinking that might be the best punt.




leaving 35k for a build :D

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3 minutes ago, Gambit said:

Reminds me of a post few years back we had like top 5 cars we would own. But 50k max tough one probably this 



Mclaren F1 GTR LM. good luck finding one though, only ever 4 made, well return to the road from race lol

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1 minute ago, Gambit said:


Well I'm not expecting to have 50k spare anytime soon but thanks for shattering my dream :laugh:

uh, i think you'll prob need to add 10mill to that 50k to possibly buy one,,,,, hahaha



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I think the center driving position wud grate on me as wud the wheels on yhe kerb when parking lol

Gimmie a lamborghini diablo sv or a suzuki escuda pikes peak version tho 

K thanks bye lol

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5 hours ago, David Wilkinson said:

Impreza 22b or a Shelby mustang gt 350 :wink:

scary thing is i dont think you'd get a 22b for 50k now :o

Even in japan they are daft money, last one to sell was a ropey high milage one (180k or summit daft) and it went for £70k :o

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