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My Subi has Chicken Pox!!


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Evening all

Sounds painful? Yep!!

Was just looking at the underbody of my 1999 v5 classic when I got a humongous scare - feckin rust spots & rust (apologies Mr Moderator aka Lord Gambit). A classic symptom of The Tin Machine (RIP DB).

What should I do?

Thought I'd call a rust proofing company called "Ultimate" who quoted £490 to rust proof the underbody with Dinitrol.  Is that what I should be doing?


Looking at the pics , I think the sway bars need replacing. What else should I be replacing? - - the Subi is 17years old with 100k.

i would definitely appreciate your advice guys.














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I'd replace the bits you can, arb, arb mounts heat shield etc, maybe the rear subframe if too far gone,

Get the car up on a ramp or stands, wire brush everything, then treat with a rust converting agent, then underseal with a waxoil spray or brush on underbody hammarite protector.

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I used the ones on ken gilbert for my early classic, think there's a link on the first or second page of my build thread .

Could it be a pop up of firewall setting on your p.c ?

Most of the front end rust pics look like it's just the manifold heat shields . Not too sure if you can get replacements but you could always remove the headers take the oe heatsheilds off and wrap the headers in heat wrap .

I'd say that the arb to chassis brackets look quite corroded but I just removed mine ground them back to bear metal .Then give them a coat of hammeright rust killing primer and smooth black paint . Seems to have held up ok for 2 winters so far .

Most get a uprated Whiteline arb ,which solves the look of twiglet looking standard arb for a while .As imo Whiteline stuff seems to do the job well but it rusts fairly easy and doesn't look mint for long .

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Thanks for the replies & links Stants, Jay762 & SB (your detailed write up was excellent) 

I totally agree with getting underneath with the wirebrush to check the overall condition. 

Any recommendations on Whiteline Arbs - whether 22mm or 24mm for front & rear. I've seen link packs too so may line up an upgrade if the corrosion is really bad - I think it is lol

A question on Lifting kits, I've seen Halfords have a deal for £40 for 2 x 1tonne Axle stands & 2 Tonne jack - Or should I buy separately 2 x 1.5tons Axle stands & a 3 tons jack? Tempted to go with the later considering the motor weighs 1.2tons.

Also looking to get a full exhaust system so will definitely get the headers wrapped during installation.




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If your only planning on using the car on the road, I'd just go 22mm rear bar, leave the front stock, the will dial out any understeer and make it a more fun to drive, bigger bar on the front is only really needed for track work,

At that price point for a lifting kit the jack won't be much kop, I've been through 2 cheap machine mart ones, the axel stands will be fine, and I suspect you'll get at least a year out of the jack before it goes wonky, if you really want to invest you'll probably have to spend a ton or more on a good jack, all depends on how much your going to use it

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