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Td04 to vf48

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Hello, I'm going to be fitting a vf48 to my 05 wrx and wanted to double check some information.

Firstly are all gaskets the same? 

Secondly I have read that the coolant lines aren't a straight fit. Do I need hatchback coolant lines or can the standard ones be modified? 


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57 minutes ago, Swoggles said:

Mate was selling it and it made 400 on his 2.5. I know it's a different engine but surely it will be ok? 

most usually go for a vf35 off the sti,but with the right accompanying mods and a map i dont see why it wouldnt work,your not expecting to bolt the turbo on and it give you 400bhp are you?

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I have a fmic, air filter, 3" zaust with decat, fuel pump, dark blue hawk injectors, forged rods and pistons and a super awesome innovate scg-1 . That should be sorted to 400, although I am on a 5 speed so won't be hitting that.  If it doesn't work I'll have to sell it and get something else on. Just needed to know about the fitment for the snail incase I ended up waiting for parts.

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I dont know much about the spec of a vf48 but If the 48 has a roller bearing core, Think you might need the coolant / oil lines and the oil feed banjo bolts of the 48 . As the tdo4 has journal based core and requires more oil than a roller bearing cored turbo .

If that's the case you stand a good chance of blowing the turbo seals without a more restrictive oil banjo bolt than the original tdo4's one .

Afaik all single scroll oe subaru turbos use the same gaskets . You'd need a new up pipe to turbo inlet and turbo outlet gasket when fitting anyways. Make sure you buy genuine subaru ones and most buy them from import car parts, so just double check when ordering them [emoji6]

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Not sacking off the scg, useful gauge to have in my opinion. Doubles as a boost gauge and an afr gauge. Also I'm on  ppp performance at the minute, so 260 with the tdo4, not particularly fast although she handles exceptionally well. I don't think the 48 is a roller bearing, I'll have to double check this. I was going to make a list up on icp after work, as far as I know I'll need;

manifold to Up pipe gasket ( ordering a harvey up pipe)

up pipe to turbo

bellmouth downpipe gasket and

Two 3" zaust ones

Do I need any for the coolant or oil lines or are they just copper washers?

Cheers for the help so far guys

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I know :sad: I'm to poor to consider a 6 speed at the minute. I do like the gearing of the 5 speed though. Massive shame the only real option is a 6 speed swap. Hopefully the box lasts a little while at least. This modifying lark has gotten a bit expensive 

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I don't think that's really the problem. My personal view is the internals are simply not up to the task. Weak shafts and gears is what I think the problem is. But finding actual evidence of what breaks them is tricky, it's all opinion from what I see. 


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There is a company that sells the 5 speed gearbox strengthening plates which are supposed to help but like the op I haven't seen too much evidence to support that they work well .

You can buy ppg gears sets which make the 5 speed much stronger but they cost about the same as a 6 speed just for the kits (no labour inc) . I don't think that you use the strengthening plates while upgrading the gear sets either but I don't know much about them as I went 6 speed instead .

Your blobeye will have the slightly stronger ty54 5 speed so if the mapper keeps the torque down you'll probably be ok . I wasn't aware that any oe subaru turbos would hit 370hp on a 2ltr engine anyways ?

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