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List of turbo's


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As above can anyone give me a list of turbos that will bolt straight onto my UK classic 98 

I want the car to make around 330bhp maybe a bit more but there are so many turbos out there I just haven't got a clue 

Now I do a fair bit more town driving over motorway driving and I'm hoping to do a few track days next year so what ones would be best but I need a full list just in case I can't get hold of a certain one 


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Tdo5 front entry





Basically any single scroll turbo will fit but the ones above ,should be sub £400 and hit your hp goal with supporting mods + remap.

If you chose a later turbo off a 2.5 ltr engine just bear in mind it might have a bigger hotside that might make it a bit laggier on a 2ltr .

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Sc36, md321 (not sure which version you need for that power). SC36 will pap all over all of those turbos mentioned for spool and peak but wont bea cheap because you will prob have to buy new as second hand ones are rare as hens teeth

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As said, no worth doing. was pondering on doing it when mine was rebuilt but decided just wasnt worth it. It does improve things, but cost vs gain doesn't justify the spending unless you have unlimited money or building a race car so need every little bit.

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