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7 minutes ago, Rps said:

Wanna sell lol

Nah... I really don't understand how this could've been posted and still made some money. It was buy it now at 50 quid plus a tenner for posting, it weighs 30kg+!!

Obviously it had been sitting in his garage for years coz it was filthy, the amp had years worth of filth in between the heatsink fins. Half an hour of work and it looks decent now. Seller obviously just wanted shot of it! Going to install it shortly... :D

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51 minutes ago, mattiekane said:

My box won't fit in my boot :-(


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How big is your box?!?

(I'm hoping you're a bloke... don't think a female would appreciate that kind of question)

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Whats longer 68 coke cans ring pull to base


Or 19 medium sized rod and line caught trouts fin to gob??





Trouts by about 145.2 inches


Average trout is 25inches

Can of coke is 4.85inches


25x19= 475






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Used to have a 2k + watt system in my old car (pre scooby) this bad boy used to drive the air outta your lungs if you sat in the back seats [emoji12]




With 4x vibe kevlar series component speakers in the doors powered by a alpine amp for added clarity at volume 096e145aa392d4fb9ab0dcfa08d6507a.jpg


Lasted 2 weeks in the first scooby .....


nothing I listened to sounded as good as the scooby spool n burble [emoji23]


Now I just run a alpine head unit ,vibe black series 6" components in the front and 6x9's in the rear shelf .


Looks like a big bin for the dough though , nice choice [emoji106]

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  • 2 weeks later...

So after a few weeks of living with the monster 15" sub I decided it was a bit too much... so I decided to use the amp that came with it to power my old one. Simply had to drill a hole in it to allow the speaker wire in and was good to go!!

I now have an all in one sub powered by a dedicated amp, ended up having to attach the amp to the back as it became too tall





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