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Dump valve choice


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GFB have a nice PHSSSHHHHHT to them... :D

Agreed, my GFB fully open is quite loud... you can also turn it off when you get bored and has an adjustable spring so it doesn't cause ECU problems.

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On classic wrx's inbetween the airfilter and engine is a big plastic silencer box. It stops you from hearing the turbo noises and intake noise from the airfilter. I got rid of that and now have turbo spooling noises and the standard recirc valve noises. The turbo makes awesome noises! And the lag i had is gone! It wasnt loads of lag but noticeable. I reset my ecu with the dv on but it didnt run perfect. Stuck my hks induction kit on, reset the ecu and its sharp and noisy! LOVE IT. Although im going to buy the Apexi one as I prefer what ive read about that filter.

On your car im not sure but there must be a factory silencer somewhere stopping you from hearing the induction and turbo noises?

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